Face Stone

We can source a wide range of materials. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Reclaimed Flat Faced Delph Walling
Reclaimed Flat Faced Delph Walling
(Courses between 90mm – 160mm or 3’’ – 7’’)
 Pitch Face Grit Stone
Reclaimed Pitch Face Walling
 Reclaimed Pitch Face Stone
 Reclaimed Pitch Face Stone
(Courses 90mm – 280mm 3’’ – 11’’)
 Pitch Face Sandstone
Reclaimed Pitch Face
Parallel Punch  Gritstone
Blasted Punch Gritstone Facing
Reclaimed Parallel Punch Walling
Reclaimed Flat Faced Delph, Coursed
Punch Face Sandstone Walling

We can deliver these products palletised and coursed up to 60m per load. We also get other types of stone in but we have large stock of these types. We provide a free matching up service. Just send us a photo.