About Us

A little about us and the services we offer:

  • As part of our service on request we will provide Stone Sample Panels to view. Council Approved.
  • We have the latest up to date technology to assist with our free stone match up service to meet our customer's requirements.
  • We guarantee our quality products will be connsistent throughout the duration of the supply contract.
  • We offer a wide selection of various stone products to cover all building works.
  • Our experienced drivers will deliver nationwide to every cornerstone of the country from a 2m2  to 70mload.

This page shows stone we have supplied to various jobs.

This is punch face walling and reclaimed heads and sills supplied to a job.

We also supplied new heads and sills, and new made to look old corbles to hold the guttering up.

These are all examples of reclaimed random walling supplied recently.

As you can see on this job we mixed old stone with new on a complete new build.

The house is spectacular. However, respecting privacy, photos were kept to a minimum